Rescue Solutions for a Vertical World    

TowerPack™ Train the Trainer

The TowerPack™ Train the Trainer Course is designed to educate professional rope rescue trainers on the latest techniques for rescue after a fall using the TowerPack™ Rescue Solution (ANSI Z359.4-2007).

This course will provide: Additional insights • Course manuals • Tests • Skills checklists • Pre-packaged PowerPoint™ presentations • Equipment tips for trainers who want to teach their own TowerPack™ Rescue Solution Course.

There will be a great deal of hands-on time in this course.

The field sessions will cover the best use of the TowerPack™ Rescue Solution for a variety of scenarios, emphasizing effective approaches to sharing this information with future students. Self- rescue, companion rescue by controlled descent, companion rescue by lowering, and familiarization with the dangers of suspension intolerance are covered. Upon completion, participants in this course will receive a certificate, reproducible course material and photo ID. They will also be listed on this website as VRS™ Approved Trainers for the TowerPack™ Rescue Solution.

Prerequisites: Before taking the Trainer Course, potential trainers must have successfully completed the VRS™ Competent Tower Climber/Rescuer Course
Location: 3850 York Street, Denver, CO 80205*
Cost: $700.00 per student
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Max Class Size: 4 students per instructor
SKU: VR63034

This is a one day course

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Register 30+ days in advance and receive a 10% discount!

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