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Tower Rescue for the Professional Rescuer

Even in the very best of scenarios, tower rescue for the professional can be a daunting task. The dangers of extreme height, high voltage, microwave radiation, radio frequency exposure and gusting winds make tower rescue one of the toughest calls the professional rescuer deals with. Broadcast and telecommunications towers are practically everywhere these days, and the likelihood of a tower rescue in your organization’s response area increases is a very real possibility. And with NFPA 1670 now addressing tower rescue, the need for this specialized training is essential if your organization is faced with the possibility of carrying out this low-frequency, high-risk type of call.

At PMI's Vertical Rescue Solutions you can rely on a tower rescue course to address more than just the rigging involved with the rescue. The objective dangers facing the professional rescuer on either a telecommunications or broadcast tower are just as important to rescuer safety as the systems used for the rescue.

This course will also familiarize the student with some of the tools and techniques unique to tower work and rescue.

Prerequisites: None
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Cost: $1,300.00 per student
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Max Class Size: 6 students per instructor
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This is a three day course

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Register 30+ days in advance and receive a 10% discount!

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